5 things you can do after an injury to live pain free.

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Sports Rehabilitation

Injuries are an inevitable part of the game. Regain strength with our rehab and sports therapy after an injury. Gain the agility to ensure optimal performance and outshine your competition once again!

Lower Back & Neck

We treat sciatica, lumbar fusion, and scoliosis. We also treat disc herniation, degenerative disc disease, and cervical fusion. Whiplash, and more at our physical therapy clinic.

Hips & Knees

Our advanced physiotherapy relieves your pain. We treat you after a hip/knee replacement, arthritis, or Ligament repair. Also, grinding 'bone-on-bone' in your hip joints gets healed.

Individualized care that promotes
healing and Mobility, Well-Equipped
To Speed Up Your Recovery

Keiser equipment to amplify your healing

We use state-of-the-art Keiser equipment for smooth resistance. We can program it to the closest 0.1 lb. The pneumatic resistance can be controlled to avoid harmful shock to your joints and soft tissue, which can be the case with traditional weights.

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At Biofix, we provide the Best physical therapy in Lake Forest, CA. We deliver all-inclusive physiotherapy services and personal training services. Our industry-leading, skilled personnel serve you to the best of their abilities.

Biofix, the premier physical therapy provider in Lake Forest, offers patient rehabilitation. We function for all ages and a wide range of physical conditions. Our treatments include neck and back pain, worn-out injuries, and running dysfunction.

Caring is our passion. We combine our intellect, expertise, and knowledge to achieve your good health goals. We aim to help you live a life that is free of pain.

Our physical therapy, strength, and conditioning training in the lake forest help regain functionality. You shouldn’t have to live with pain. You also deserve peace and prosperity as everyone else does. Live life to its fullest, and stay healthy and strong!

An Injury Should Not Sideline You.
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  • -Janice B

I got my life back

Phill is an excellent, extremely qualified PT and does one-on-one therapy. It’s what I needed to rehab my leg from DVT and an injury.

Highly recommend to completely heal your body. His workout and rehab machines are state of the art.

if you want to be healed and get your life back to health he will help you do it. I saw improvement after the first appointment. I have the utmost confidence in him to completely heal me.

  • -Steve M

The best PT I’ve ever had

Hands down the best experience I’ve had at physical therapy.

I’ve suffered from chronic knee pain for years and Phillip helped increase my strength and decrease pain.

  • -Joseph H

Genuine and knowledgeable

I chose to go to BioFix solely on the basis that [it] is close to my house. I got really, really lucky because I think Phil is fantastic.

Phil is so knowledgeable about the human body – way more than other PT’s.

He is thoughtful about what he does. He seems genuinely interested in my recovery from my hip problems!

His shop has state of the art equipment too! I would recommend Phil to anyone!

How your Physiotherapy & Personal Training begins

1. Call us

Call us so we can answer your queries. We focus on your concerns to help you with proper treatment and fast recovery.

2. Get a personalized recovery plan

We plan a strategy to achieve our patients' optimal health. Our "plan of care" revolves around YOU. Wellness treatments at BioFix Physical Therapy & Fitness are patient-centered. They are always one-to-one with the physical therapist.

3. Get back to doing what you love

Our treatments will diminish your pain. They will enhance your wellness and help you with a speedy recovery from surgery or injury. We focus on your healing so your body can function beyond your previous level as fast as possible

Your Professional Physical Therapist in Lake Forest, CA

Dr. Phillip Carr PT, DPT, MS, PES

“A doctor saves a life, and a physiotherapist makes it worth living!”

This is exactly how our expert physiotherapist comes into the picture. Phillip is the owner and a physiotherapist at BioFix Physical Therapy and Fitness. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in 2004. He then received a master’s in Exercise Science in 2009, emphasizing athletic performance.

After completing his under-graduation, Phillip worked as an athletic trainer. He trained thousands of individuals for over 20 years and served young athletes and patients with complex musculoskeletal dysfunctions. He also treated people after joint replacements and balance and gait abnormalities.

He received his doctorate degree in physical therapy from Chapman University in 2018. Phillip aims to make you feel like yourself again by bringing you back to your baseline. He also coaches for personal wellness to improve your life quality.

Phillip spends quality family time with his wife and son during off-work hours. He is also coaching his son’s soccer team as an assistant coach.

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5 things you can do after in injury to live pain free

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