5 things you can do after an injury to live pain free.

Lower Back Physical Therapy

Welcome to Biofix Lower Back Physical Therapy in Lake Forest, CA. If you’re experiencing persistent or chronic lower back pain, we are here to help!

Lower Back Physical Therapy in Lake Forest, CA

The lower back pain could be due to various factors like stiffness, posture issues, or muscle spasms. Regardless of the cause, worry not!
Join us at BioFix in Lake Forest, CA to return to your normal activities with speed. Our expertise extends to treating conditions, including:
We also love educating our patients on maintaining their well-being and living pain-free post-treatment. So, don’t let temporary setbacks prevent you from embracing and enjoying those experiences. Refuse to let pain define your existence!

What is Lower Back Pain?

The lower back, also known as the lumbar region, is the area that starts below the ribcage. People of all ages can develop this pain due to various reasons. This can also result from an accident, or seniors are most likely to suffer from this pain.
Lower back pain is severe pain in your back that often gets better. Even so, in some cases, it worsens as time passes. Alongside careful examination, unique techniques, and advanced technology, this chronic pain needs extraordinary care.
Our PT expert helps patients with effective treatments. We offer great facilities and care to achieve the goals of pain relief and recovery.
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Symptoms Of Low Back Pain

Lower back pain might range from a dull ache to a stabbing sensation. You might be feeling difficulty moving or standing up straight. The pain can be sudden and acute. This might result from:
Symptoms also include the ones that need urgent care. Pain that remains for over 3 months is “chronic.” an injury or fall might also have caused critical damage to your body. Prolonged leg weakness, fever, pain, and bowel or bladder control issues also need urgent addressing.
You don’t need to get bedridden, with us, you can enjoy normal life activities to their fullest.

Best Lower Back Physical Therapy In Lake Forest, CA

Why wait for life to happen? Get the best physical therapy, get healed!
BioFix’s physical therapist treats lower back pain with the skill and knowledge they acquired in the field over many years. The talented lower back physical therapist understands the chronic effects of this pain. He helps patients to identify and address the root cause of the pain. Our PT also guides the patients further in:
Take control of your lower back pain today and reclaim your life! Schedule a consultation with our expert physical therapist now and experience the transformative relief you deserve.

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