5 things you can do after an injury to live pain free.

Foot & Ankle Physical Therapy

Suffering from foot and ankle problems can severely hinder your ability to perform everyday tasks. Let the experienced physical therapist assist you in restoring your mobility and relieving your discomfort.

Foot & Ankle Physical Therapy for Rising Up & Walking Strong!

The foot and ankle physical therapy program at BioFix includes:
Want to live a pain-free life? Physical therapy for your foot and ankle is all you need!
We can treat your foot physical therapy and your ankle physical therapy. Contact us today at BioFix, located in Lake Forest, California. We’ll assist you in your healthy, robust feet and ankles journey.

Symptoms of Foot & Ankle Physical Therapy

The tibia and fibula bones in the legs meet at the ankle, forming an arch over the talus bone in the foot. So, issues in the feet can affect ankle pain and vice versa. These problems can also place pressure on the knees and cause misalignment in the hips and spine.
The discomfort and pain you feel in your feet and ankles can be extremely uncomfortable. Physical therapy cures many issues related to feet and ankles. These conditions may include the following:

Recover & Enjoy Life Pain-Free

We can diagnose and treat your foot problems and ankle injuries so that you can regain the use and mobility of your feet and ankles.
Physical therapy significantly works for both the ankle and knee. You get hands-on care with patient-education, and prescribed movement. Your physical therapy professionals improve the quality of your life by helping you:
Don’t hesitate to schedule an evaluation if you’re experiencing a persistent condition. Physical therapy may answer your problem, and we’re eager to assist you!

Say goodbye to chronic pain
and hello to a life without limitations

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5 Things You Can Do After An Injury to Live Pain Free